Friday, January 23, 2009


Aaron McGruder sez:
"I did say I was cautiously pessimistic about Obama's Presidency - but this is simply acknowledging the reality of an American Empire that is out of control and on the verge of collapse. Let us not forget that on the eve of the election, we witnessed a near-trillion dollar robbery of the US treasury. That robbery is still taking place. I do not blame President Obama, but I do not believe the financial and corporate interests that own and control this country will fold so easily. I do not question the integrity of the man as much as the power of his office - which I believe has greatly diminished over the years. I believe the Federal Reserve Bank, the Military Industrial Complex, and the massive corporate interests that run this country have more power than our new President. I hope I am wrong.

"After 9/11, I witnessed most of this country become obsessed with squashing dissent and silencing critics. I hope this election does not turn Black America towards this same, fascist mind state; but already I am starting to see it, and it saddens me greatly. I absolutely wish our new President and his family success and safety. But after all I have witnessed in my lifetime, and especially in the last eight years, I am not ready to lay down my skepticism or my outrage for this government. To do so would be unwise and, ironically enough, anti-American."
I loved The Boondocks comic strip, and am a fan of the TV series that currently runs on Cartoon Network (season 3 cannot get here quick enough). McGruder was a rarity among the syndicated comic strip writers - a genuinely leftist voice (and no, I don't consider Doonsbury leftist, although there are plenty of poseurs out there who do). His work has been one of pop culture's lights in a very dark time. My personal favorite episodes are both from season 1: Riley Wuz Here, and The Return of the King - catch either one of those two and you'll have some idea of what McGruder is about.

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