Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Say Hello To

P U L S E, and I'll just let the cats who dropped this joint give you the 411:

Welcome to P U L S E, a joint political weblog bringing together a number of like-minded activists, academics and web 2.0 collaborators.

P U L S E was originally conceived by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad (The Fanonite) and Ann El Khoury (PeoplesGeography) to synergise their efforts and energies in managing their established blogs in tandem with research demands. They are joined by fellow editors David Thomson (ISB) and Robin Yassin-Kassab (Qunfuz). Individual contributions are welcome and contributors may contact us by email or by using the Contact form here.

Like the assault on Lebanon in 2006 that spurred our respective blogs to take to task officialdom and the media’s derogation of duty in both that crime and Iraq, the genocidal assault on Gaza by Israel has once again prompted us to recommence our efforts toward the cause of justice.

Here, we hope to combine and pool our efforts in the service of greater efficacy and coverage. It is also a tribute to our loyal and appreciated readers from our respective original blogs whose responses have encouraged us to forge ahead.

P U L S E combines original writing with a unique aggregation of hand-picked writing from various activists and alternative and mainstream press. In time, we may migrate to a more ambitious self-hosted site but in the interim, the P U L S E virtual community resides here. Thank you for visiting, and do come by again.

h/t Ten Percent. The blog is already off to a great start.

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