Monday, February 9, 2009

Justice anyone?

Avedon Carol sez:

Although it's certainly a good thing that DNA analysis is now available to help exonerate the innocent (often after their lives have already been ruined with years or even decades in prison), but even without DNA evidence it's obvious that many innocent people are still in jail and the system has been set up to make it harder for those people to find justice. Tuli asks, "Is the Prison Industry really that powerful?" Actually, it is, but this goes back deeper, to a segment of the population that is so focused on revenge that it doesn't care what happens to the innocent along the way.

It would very helpful if the Rockefeller laws were repealed, and also the Adam Walsh Act. Also, apparently, Gitmo Conditions Have Worsened Since Inauguration, and someone actually won an acquittal with the evil twin defense.

When the Supreme Court struck down local gun bans, it opened the door to a whole raft of big Constitutional questions.

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