Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Penn Gillette asks, is dissent still patriotic?

This is something I would especially suggest that the pwoggles listen to if for no other reason to remind them that the crapola that the Bushies subjected us to during his reign of terra still stinks when they try it with those of us who are critical of Obama.

For somewhat different reasons than Gillette, I've been quite cognizant of and appalled by the similarities between the Bush II and Obama regimes on matters such as the "war on terra" (and the continued bombing of human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan), neoliberal economics, torture, support for other rogue nations such as Israel, etc. Periodically I get told to lighten up, and about the only thing I can say in response is "hell no!" I refuse to consider public officeholders to be sacred cows; I refuse to be a team player. If it was wrong under Bush II, it is still wrong when Obama and his cronies do it.

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