Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What you are now, i once was. What i am now, you will be.

On the topic of California's economic and political meltdown, Paul Krugman sez:

Everyone should be paying attention to the political/fiscal catastrophe now unfolding in California. Years of neglect, followed by economic disaster — and with all reasonable responses blocked by a fanatical, irrational minority.

This could be America next.
I have some idea about the fanatical irrational minority in question, they tended to represent state assembly and state senate districts where I lived (either the burbs outside of Sacramento, or later in The O. C.). These politicians were called "the cavemen" for a reason. An interpretation of God that I found rather alien and Social Darwinism formed the core of their ideology. There were others who were not legislators but who were sufficiently loaded and well-connected to abuse the already dysfunctional ballot initiative system in California to not only get toxic waste such as Proposition 13 on the ballot, but to buy enough propaganda to get it passed in 1978. The heirs to Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann are with us today in the form of Grover Norquist et al. Truth is, the state has been broken for a long time, patched up just enough to sputter along.

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