Sunday, March 1, 2009

White Phosphorus: Powdered Mengele

Good to know that even in the post-Bush II era, The Freeway Blogger shows signs of activity. The signs (like the one pictured above) coincide with the recent reports of Israel using white phosphorus on Gaza civilians. The person who put up the signs writes:
When I was a kid I saw a picture in a book about the Holocaust that showed a Nazi scientist standing beside a body on a gurney. The body was covered by a sheet except for the legs that had been burned away to the bones. The caption said they'd been burned off with a blowtorch to see how much pain a human being could endure. I was something like ten years old when I saw that picture and I never forgot it.

I'm Jewish and when I was growing up believe me the Israelis were the good guys... I mean they were the really really good guys, and I just can't believe this shit's happening.
Some of my Palestinian friends and acquaintances would no doubt (justifiably) take issue with that last sentence. That said, the willingness to publicly compare the atrocities committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinians and the atrocities perpetrated during the Nazi Holocaust deserves some positive recognition.

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