Monday, March 16, 2009

A chronicle of the Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer throwdown in video

First, the prelude - John Stewart's opening salvo on March 4:

Fast-forward a few days to March 9, when The Daily Show aired the segment titled "In Cramer We Trust":

A day later, the escalation continues:

Finally, Cramer appears on Stewart's home turf. As I understand it, the whole thing was too long for the show, and was edited down - but thanks to the miracles of those festive internet tubes, we can see the whole thing in three parts:

H/t Iceland banking crisis video and more 2008 and 2009. The interview itself is quite civil, and relatively sober (with some comic relief on occasion), and even some moments of actual reporting - by Stewart. Certainly one ends up with a more complex picture of CNBC commentator Cramer; at the same time, Stewart points out time and again that the target of his satire was not merely a person but rather the network and (within the confines of what I suspect Stewart's ideology would allow) a mindset.

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