Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look, we knew that the government was torturing

There have been plenty of reports to that effect going back to the beginning of Baby Doc Bush's "war on terra." All you have to do if you need a reminder is to check out some of Chris Floyd's reporting over the course of this sorry excuse for a decade. It's also no secret, if you're willing to look, that the current Obama regime is not really doing much to hold those in the previous regime accountable, nor aside from a few cosmetic changes (the eventual closing of Gitmo but with an expansion of Bagram; the removal of the designation "enemy combatant" without actually changing the circumstances still faced by those now formerly designated as such) has the new regime shown much interest in any substantive change we can believe in. Nor does it appear that the prominent so-called progressive and liberal bloggers have taken much initiative in holding the new regime's (along with those in Congress) feet to the fire - with perhaps Chris Floyd and Steve Hynd of Newshoggers as the most notable exceptions.

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