Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The rich are to blame for this crisis, and they ought to pay

So says Richard Seymour, the author of the blog Lenin's Tomb:
Various left campaign groups are springing into existence in the US and UK, to pressure governments for palliation, with sensible measures like socially-affordable housing, job protection, union rights, etc. They are filling a void created by the absence of an upsurge in working class militancy, and the absence of a left-wing party capable of hegemony. In the US, there is a campaign to lobby the Obama administration from the left (I say 'left', but this includes the ACLU and In the UK, the latest is the People's Charter, supported by trade unionists, left-wing Labour MPs and campaigning lawyers. This is a positive development, and I encourage people to sign up. Still, I wish it said something about tumbrils. I wish it said, in a word, that the rich are to blame for this crisis and that, as they have benefited most from the circumstances that led to this state of affairs, they ought to pay. We need to tax those bastards, take their businesses into public ownership, close their little tax loopholes, and criminalise their offshore havens. We ought to be resentful about it, too. And petty: let's make them clean the toilets at Spar while we're taking their shit. Enough with the gentrified conventions of bourgeois politics - I demand vengeance.
My emphasis added - and, I'll also second that! Good luck getting what passes for a "left" in the US (or at least an organized "left") to make such pronouncements much less take any actions based on such pronouncements. The crowd is too busy sucking on the teat of the Pope of Hope to do such a thing. Instead, for now, we have only a ragtag collection of bloggers, community organizers, and fellow travelers to do fill the vacuum as best we can.

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