Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tackling Ten Questions

I noticed that Mickey Z posted some answers to regular reader questions, and has solicited others to tackles the same questions - in 25 words or less. I don't know if that's 25 words per question or total - nor does it matter much since I do tend to be wordy - but I'll try to minimize the length as much as possible.

1. What skill(s) would you teach a child to aid their passage through this world?

Critical thinking skills, practical skills for a post-peak oil environment (e.g., carpentry, food growth), empathy.

2. If you could have a new society tomorrow, how would you describe the relationship of its citizens in this new society?


3. What are you going to write a song about tomorrow?

I don't write songs, but I might write a poem or haiku, perhaps about death or loss.

4. Have you heard of anyone yet having a satisfactory explanation for the success of P. Diddy (a.k.a. Puff Daddy or Sean Combs)?

He's in tune with the American Zeitgeist - consumerism, greed, selfishness.

5. It’s time to make a choice. Would you fight or flee, and why?

If it's come to that, I'd flee if possible (I hate harming others); otherwise, I'd fight hard.

6. When did the first monkey go to Hell?

What? They had calendars back then?

7. If you were a stock character in a dystopian sci-fi film/novel which would it be: the overlord, the scientist, the ultimate warrior, the lone explorer, etc.?

That's a tough one: most likely the scientist - my slogan would be "we can still fix this."

8. What food/meal do you make that requires the most effort to prepare?


9. What was your last moment of clarity?

August 2008, when I looked my son in the eye when he approached me about creating a petition to fight some very unfair school handbook changes. I realized that I'd been theorizing too much and not acting enough in my community.

10. Are we all fucked?

I'm too optimistic to believe that. I do think that the next few decades will require major changes in our way of being with each other and with the planet.

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