Monday, April 27, 2009

So, where's the change?

That's been my favorite question to ask ever since The Pope of Hope ascended the throne. Long-time readers already knew that I never harbored any delusions that somehow all the bad things that happened under the Bush II regime would magically go away under an Obama regime. In just about any way imaginable, I have yet to be disappointed. I do feel a bit bad about those who genuinely believed the hype and who now are experiencing anything from cognitive dissonance to outright cynicism. Those individuals may yet have the potential to still form something resembling a genuine progressive political movement. To do so, they'll need to ditch the cult of personality and to ditch the faux realpolitic advocated on the Gated Community Blogs (i.e., the ones who keep droning on and on about how we have no alternative to the Great Donkle). Whether that actually occurs of course is not something I'll bet my life's savings on any time too soon.

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