Friday, April 10, 2009

Videos from Crackerstan

From the Glenn Beck Tea Party:

Glenn Beck's latest FauxNews rant wherein he douses an actor with liquid poured from a gas can and holds up a lit match (via Media Matters):

For the above, David Neiwert's commentary is quite pertinent. As I understand it, the governor from Texas, Rick "How's My Hair" Perry, was on Beck's show following that performance, leading to this rather deranged exchange:
But that's not really the interesting part. Alex Koppelman added, "Unfortunately, not captured in the video is what happened next, when Texas Gov. Rick Perry came on and Beck asked, 'Governor, you're regretting being on this program at this point, are you not, sir?' Perry responded, 'Not at all, Glenn Beck. I'm proud to be with you.'"

Yup - Perry is apparently "proud" to be on a television show with a host who might be arguably barking mad. Perry of course faces a formidable primary challenge soon, and probably realizes that unless he sufficiently motivates his party's base that he will soon be out of a job. I can see why a few of the more sober conservative analysts left standing are feeling a bit creeped out. There's always been a sort of paranoid edge to movement conservatism that has periodically reared its ugly head - from the McCarthy hearings about a decade before my birth, to the John Birchers that I occasionally found on college campuses in the 1980s - but these cats were viewed by most mainstream Republicans as on the fringe and thankfully not to be taken seriously. Now we're looking at a party that has successfully brought the fringe right into the mainstream and in which paranoia is all that's left to offer.

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