Saturday, May 9, 2009

Funny quote

They'll basically be a party of gray-haired old men sitting around the country club puffing cigars, sipping brandy and wondering whatever happened to the country. That will be the end of the party.
So sez Mike Huckabee about the GOP. My initial thought is - and this is different from what Huckabee is recommending (i.e., make the GOP even more of BNP-style party than it already is) how? Maybe there would be a slightly different demographic of gray-haired old men sitting around their militia compounds, chugging Coors Lite, still mourning the decline of the US. One thing that Huckabee and his ilk need to consider is that their party has been hemorrhaging sensible conservatives and moderates for the last few years - some of whom are close personal friends and family, others of whom are merely casual acquaintances on the Internet. While these sane conservatives and moderates and I might vehemently disagree with each other on many issues, we at least can hold a conversation without risk of things devolving into a shouting match or some sort of weird cyberstalking behavior. As it is now, what areas of the US that the GOP seems likely to be able to control appear headed to be the mirror image of the more reactionary regions in Central Asia (think of some of the territories controlled by warlords in some of the "Stans" and you'll get the picture - just set aside the superficial differences in religious rhetoric and social customs, and seriously, what's the difference?).

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