Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some things piss me off regardless

Saw this article, Moscow police violently break up gay pride rally. Although I'm sure that Moscow authorities will claim their pigs are equal opportunity bullies - going after not only those participating in the gay rights rally but also counter-demonstrators - the city authorities made their intentions obvious based on what one can glean from the following passage:
City officials had warned they would not tolerate marches or rallies supporting the rights of gays and lesbians. Activists had targeted Moscow, which was holding the finals of the Eurovision song contest on Saturday, to press their claims that Russia officially sanctions homophobia.
This happened just days after the first Russian same-sex couple to request a marriage permit. As corny is this might sound, I'm a firm believer that love does not discriminate. Of course the US is still a long way from doing right by our own same-sex couples. As of now, we have perhaps a small but growing patchwork of states that have recently recognized same-sex marriages as legal, but at the same time are dealing with our own nationalists and religious extremists who simply cannot get over their hang-ups and who insist that their hang-ups be imposed upon everyone else.

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