Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Speaking of Wire

here's a blast from the past, from the same album (released three decades ago) 154, entitled "The 15th". This particular clip is really just the audio from the studio album. I've also seen some live footage of the band performing this particular tune from around the same time.

Let's follow that one up with a live clip of "Heartbeat", from their 1978 album Chairs Missing:

That particular period of Wire made for some fascinating listening. Their music initially got lumped in with the punk explosion of 1976/1977, but their music would more properly be termed post punk. Their tunes were this mixture of punkish rawness, icy minimalism, existential angst, and an almost Zen-like calm. They also tended not to stand still, constantly revising, refining, and moving on as need be - a quality that must have been vexing to music industry wonks when it came time to promote their newly released records, since by the time they'd tour they'd have little to no interest in performing the songs from those recording sessions. Their mid-1980s comeback produced its share of interesting moments. Then Wire just faded away. I understand that the band is back together, and I read that their new material is being well-received. For me, the moment for Wire passed a couple decades ago, but I'm glad that they're still able to do what they enjoy doing.

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