Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things you should know

Steven D sez (h/t Avedon):
"Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" was originally a term coined by the (wait for it) Gestapo. Something to consider when you hear someone (typically a Republican politician) using that term as a substitute for torture.
Torture has long-term harmful psychological consequences - now there's a statement that should not have to be repeated. Nor should the usual lame ego defense mechanisms (whether on the individual or national level) be accepted. (h/t BLCKDGRD).

Pelosi may be a joke (a very sick joke at that), but that shouldn't stop belated efforts to form a truth commission on torture. Personally, I like Raimondo's idea regarding the composition of such a truth commission: make it truly independent by keeping it out of the hands of Congress (since we don't know how many of those folks have dirty hands themselves) and put it into the hands of professional researchers and investigators, and competent academicians. Hold public hearings. I'd go further and strongly recommend keeping the commission out of the hands of the White House (for what should now be very obvious reasons).

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