Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today is National Nancy Off the Table Day

David Swanson sez:
That's right, children, it's national Nancy Day, honoring the occasion on May 7, 2006, when Nancy Pelosi first allowed Tim Russert to badger her into agreeing that she wouldn't permit the impeachment of Saint George or Father Dick, not even if they barbequed children on the White House lawn.


But, fun and games aside, the real reason for Nancy Day is to honor what Nancy Pelosi did for us three years ago. Had she not acted so corruptly and with such absolute absence of spine, "looking forward" today might not mean the same thing at all, since criminal prosecutions and accountability might have already happened and there would be nothing left to do but look forward. In fact, had Nancy not done that voodoo that she does, torture might be over now, not just officially halted. Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan might be forced to get along without our bombs and soldiers, habeas corpus might be considered applicable to just anybody, rendition might not have become ordinary, we might not have laws made and unmade with executive orders because Congress might make the laws without signing statements or secret memos, and Congress's subpoenas might be obeyed. Congress might even be asked to approve or reject treaties. And "state secrets" might just be a category on Jeopardy.

So, count your blessings, boys and girls. Honor your elders. Praise Pelosi, eliminator of impeachment. And be on the lookout for pagan talk about trying, in this modern age, to impeach a guy named Jay Bybee.

Needless to say, in part for her pledge to take impeachment off the table, my blog has been anti-Pelosi.

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