Thursday, June 11, 2009

And they get their marching orders

Apparently, in some warped parallel universe, an avowed white-supremacist Holocaust denier is not a right-wing extremist, but might as well be a blogger on Daily Kos. Thank Limbaugh for setting everyone straight. Never mind that in the real universe, even sensible conservatives see that kind of talk for what it is: stupidity at its most blatant. What I think is actually happening is that folks like Roeder and von Brunn are just a bit too similar to many of the wingnut koolaid drinkers who ooze their way through the internet toobz for their own comfort, and facing up to the mounting prospects that their hatred has the same effect on potential right-wing assassins and bombers as steroids on someone with serious anger-management issues is causing them to look for any way to put some distance between themselves and the monstrous consequences they helped to create.

Update - The stupidest commentary read or heard today: von Brunn is just like a lesbian studies major, according to some bozo named Andrew Breitbart. Let me guess - Rush is handing out free samples of Oxycontin to his followers. Something that should debunk the "von Brunn as leftist" meme is von Brunn's old defunct website that someone has managed to re-create. I don't see too many lefties worrying about the destruction of "the white gene pool", or who link to Stormfront, Order of White Knights, or the Institute for Historical Review (Stormfront and IHR are listed as hate groups by the SPLC; OWK is a UK-centered hate group). Definitely time to put the kibosh on that particular meme.

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