Monday, June 1, 2009

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Loserdust: George Tiller and pro-lifers: some links.

Buck Naked Politics: Murdered Doctor Target of Campaign by Bill O'Reilly; Meanwhile, Wingnuts Celebrate Success of Domestic Terrorism, While Right-Wing Hypocrites Speedily Try to Distance Themselves

Dick Cheney Was Right!:
Obama failed to torture people, and now we've had a terrorist attack on the United States by crazy fundamentalists.
Perversely humorous, although the first part of the sentence isn't quite right.

Corrente Wire: Doing The Math - The Number of Americans Killed By Right Wing Terrorism In The 90s. Check it:
Now, let's look at the home front:


Michael Griffin kills Dr. David Gunn outside his clinic in Pensacola, Florida.

In addition, Dr. George Tiller was shot outside his clinic in Kansas by Rochelle Shannon, though he survived.


Dr. John Britton and escort James Barrett are murdered outside Britton's clinic also in Pensacola, Florida.


John Salvi kills employees Shannon Lowney and Leeanne Nichols at clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts. Five others are inured as well.


Timothy McVeigh murders 168 Americans who work at the Murrow Building in Oklahoma City.


Eric Rudolph plats a 40 pound pipe bomb and kills Alice Hawthorne at Olympic Park. 111 other people are injured as well.


Eric Rudolf kills clinic guard Robert Sanderson at an early morning clinic bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.


Terrorist James Kopp kills Dr. Bernard Slepian at his home in New York. In the aftermath of Slepian's murder, Flip Benham of Operation Rescur called the cries for non-violance "pitiful" and said, "we are in store for more bloodshed in the streets—the likes of which will sicken even the sturdiest among us."

One hundred and seventy six murders were committed by the American right to the eighty-nine committed by foreign terrorists. The DHS has warned us recently to be prepared for more right violence. I didn't think it would come so quickly.

As an aside, I initially thought some of the reports coming out prior to the DHS report were overblown, though events in the interim have required a rethink.

Debra Sweet: The Murder of Dr. Tiller. She also acknowledges that pundits such as O'Reilly, Limbaugh and Coulter have helped to create a climate that would facilitate violence such as the Tiller assassination.

Kevin Hayden at American Street: It's Open Season on Women Again.

One more aside: I knew, via a family member, a family whose members got involved with Operation Rescue. Those people struck me, and before too long the family member in question, as crazed fanatics. I'm not terribly surprised when someone associated with that group, which has for ages now used hateful rhetoric, intimidation tactics, and has certainly acted as a terrorist group would haul off and assassinate a physician who performs abortions. As mentioned before, certainly the climate has been created that has facilitated previous assassinations, assassination attempts, and bombings of family planning clinics throughout the US. There is no common ground to be found with these fanatics, period. It's well past time to wake up to that one basic fact.

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