Monday, June 29, 2009

Interesting reads

Lenin's Tomb on why Ahmadinajad is no champion of the working classes.

From the "hope" and "change" department: Obama's regime has just bagged its first coup in the Americas. (h/t)

While unrest in Iran has received a fair amount of coverage (that typically happens when its ruling elites are sworn enemies of the defenders of American imperium), you might not know about what's been going on in Haiti (h/t Arcturus).

Speculators have been driving up oil and gas prices - again (h/t Avedon). Reminds me of a famous Vladimir Lenin quote regarding speculators. Short of Vladimir Lenin's proposed solution, I'd settle for simply shutting down Goldman Sachs for good, before they screw us with yet another speculation bubble (h/t BLCKDGRD).

Michael Jackson died for our sins. Recommended background reading that might be insightful not only for understanding Jackson's life, but our own lives and culture: Alice Miller's For Your Own Good.

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