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Meet your American Taliban

Consider this a follow-up to some of my earlier thoughts on the recent terrorist assassination of George Tiller. I noticed that BJ Bjornson at Newshoggers has a roundup of news coverage worth looking at. In particular notice this bit:
Personal responsibility isn't something the right-wing excels at. Any time one of their more extreme elements takes it upon themselves to follow through on their hate-mongering, they wash their hands of it and offer half-hearted condolences while going right back to the rhetoric that inspired the violence in the first place. And from browsing the right-wing blog headlines at memeorandum, there is not a little bit of subtle celebration going on.

RIH: Baby Murderer George Tiller Shot Dead - Macsmind

Abortionist George “Baby Killer” Tiller Shot Dead In Kansas - theblogprof

George Tiller (Child Murderer) shot to death at Wichita church - freerepublic

Report: George Tiller Shot To Death [Child Murderer Killed At Wichita Church] - also freerepublic

Child Killer George Tiller Killed - La Shawn Barber

Bjornson is probably right that many of these goons will avoid open support of Roeder's act of terror, although I imagine they'll come as close as they possibly can. See also Antonia Zerbisias, of the blog Broadsides, who looks at some of the chatter on Twitter:

SICKER DATE: Twitter has exploded over this story. Here's a round-up of what conservatives are tweeting.

  • Punch "UPDATE... Doctor George Tiller was aborted today in his 204th trimester - aren't paybacks a bitch"
  • Samantha Pelch "oh HAPPY DAY! Tiller the baby killer is DEAD!"
  • readnwatchchris, Creedmor. NC "George Tiller the baby killer was shot dead this morning. God bless the gunmen who hopefully won't be caught."
  • Brad S "was George Tiller the baby killers brain scrambled the way he scrambled full term fetuses.. one can only hope"
  • James Fiddler "Infamous baby killer George Tiller gunned down at (irony) church. Why do I not feel sorry for him? Have fun at Judgment Day."
  • Brad M. Negulescu Cleveland. "tiller the baby killer shot is it insensitive of me to say what goes around comes around?"
  • Amy Strong "George Tiller the Baby Killer shot dead. May he rot in Hell."
  • Shirl Ledeux "Tiller Baby Killer was shot and killed this morning Justice has been served."
  • Dianne McDowell "Thinking about "Tiller the baby killer" He now knows the wages of sin is death."
  • Dennis, A People Vip Company, "May Tiller rot in Hell , infanticide is the murder of babies, he WAS a provider of death like Hitler, Bundy the list goes on...."
  • mikedanben Sparta, NJ (41.005501,-74.672) "Burn in hell George Tiller"
  • Laurie D. Bailey Olive Branch, MS"No need to pray for George Tiller. We know he went straight to hell!!!!!"
  • Jay Emess, Souther, NJ "Good ridence to Tiller - babies will not be murdered because he is now gone. Wonder how he likes hell!"
  • Matthew Kamar "Karma is a beautiful thing. Cheers to the hero who sent George Tiller where he belongs... straight to hell."
  • Sarah Gulick, Wtichita, Ks "omg!george tiller abortion dr. was killed n his church parkn lot! hell yea!"

Lots more where that came from.

Indeed, as blogger Carnal Nation has some more selections:

A few more added 6:54 PM Pacific Time

  • Guy shoots a Dr. to death in Church. Me I'm willing to bet that Jesus was his co-pilot. - jeremyawhitman
  • Tiller the Killer goes to Church and ends up in Hell - mshellisright, Tulsa
  • Tiller the Baby Killer is finally dead....God took care of what needed to be done.... - Cynthia Wrench
  • The left-wing nutjobs don't understand that Tiller the baby killer was not human. No human kills babies, only monsters. Good riddance - Sami Shamieh, Walnut Creek, CA
  • I guess Obama the Messiah can't resurrect Tiller the baby killer. - Sami Shamieh, Walnut Creek, CA
  • The person who shot Tiller the baby killer simply excercised a man's right to choose. - Sami Shamieh, Walnut Creek, CA
  • the killing of tiller the baby killer was JUSTICE, not murder. - eqbt
  • Glad someone offed Tiller. Baby Killer. - Kat, Kansas

A number of these posts are tagged #tcot (top conservatives on twitter), this is apparently some new meaning of top that we're not familiar with.

The Twitter search "George Tiller" OR #Tiller was running at about one tweet per second for the last two hours. The overwhelming majority of tweets from both sides of the abortion issue expressed horror at the assassination of Dr Tiller.

Said it before, and will say it again: eliminationist rhetoric has consequences - in this case the consequences were quite deadly.

Update: here's a few more tweets on Twitter:
B0O: Just as I won't condemn a man who shot Dr. George Tiller.
NorrisMantooth: George Tiller is DEAD! Hallelujah!
NorrisMantooth: George Tiller suffered a delayed abortion! haha
dafvuv: Dr. Death(#Tiller), I hope that you must face all those souls before your maker. May you burn in hell for all eternity. #tcot #tlot
B0O: Dr. George Tiller needed to be shot to death. Whoever shot him is a hero.
B0O: I'm glad Dr. George Tiller was shot. I'm glad Dr. George Tiller is dead. Justice.
Time2Revolt: What do you call the #Tiller kill? A Good First Step! #tcot May the #gun banners and socialists be next. #rkba #teaparty
freedomcry: George Tiller. A good late-term abortionist. Since 2009.
George Tiller the baby killer was shot dead this morning. God bless the gunmen who hopefully won't be caught.
alisonvict0ria: What the fuck? People are actually upset that a late-term abortionist is dead? Fuck it. He killed too many - and now he got his. #Tiller
samishamieh: I hope someone remembers to cancel Tiller the baby killer's appointments for tomorrow.
xyzzytwit: It would have been even more justifiable if they could have got him using a forceps and scalpel instead of a gun #tcot #tiller
RamblingMother: new post on the blog (expand) re:baby killer george tiller
cindolee: late term abortionist george tiller shot and killed this weekend! boo hoo, sucks for him!
Yes, there are some truly sick people out there.

Sara over at Orcinus has a new essay up called Jesus's Jihadis. I consider it must-reading. I'd also suggest spending some time over at Orcinus as both Sara and David have done much to place violent acts like this into a broader context.

Oh, and check the screen shot of a comment from Red State (courtesy John Amato at Crooks and Liars):
Yet another update: See John Cole's blog Balloon Juice - kudos for posting a couple pdf files of the commentary over at Free Republic (part 1 here; part 2 here). A lot of the commentary among the freepers is downright creepy.

While we're at it here's a gem I found from the Charge petition page (or at least from Google cache):

Rebecca Lawton
Mon February 23, 2009, 11:58:21
This murderer should be stoned in the street. I pray that justice will prevail and he finds himself in lockdown forever, until he goes on to meet Satan in hell. he will spend eternity in hell being aborted over and over again.
And this:
Thomas McIntyre
Sun March 08, 2009, 16:20:21
tiller is a serial killer
And this:
Maggie Lewis
Mon February 23, 2009, 14:42:47
This sick man needs to go to prison for life! More fitting perhaps would be that he be torn limb from limb like thoes innocent little babies he murdered. If that were an option, I would be rooting for it. This man is evil, plain and simple. Please lock him up with the rest of the serial killers.

More tweets from the pinhead brigade:
KBRTradio: What's the difference between killing #Tiller and Hitler? I want to say laws, but does that ground morals in the state? Can someone help me?
naughtytouchcpl: When Scott Roeder killed abortion doctor George Tiller an amazing thing happened. For the first time in history two wrongs do make a right!
charlieprofit: How can you condemn the murder of a man that essentially wiped a whole city off the map. Yes, murder is wrong but justice is served. #Tiller
DummiesotYear: George Tiller killed without consent, talk about #irony
ZAPEM:The death penalty for treason was only changed since 1990 & you want me to feel sorry for Dr. Tiller? I didn't see tears for the traitors.
loveneverfails0: George Tiller the baby killer shot dead- now that's what I call late term abortion. Good riddance.
samcconnell: "George Tiller - He died the wa he lived. Gal. 6:7"
Pisces614: George Tiller had some nerve going to church. You pro-choice so worried whether you can find someone to kill your unborn baby.
ZazzlePolitics: Tiller NEEDED killing!: The "democrats" are the only ones who'll mourn the death of George Tiller the ..
Timb_er: #Tiller was the Josef Mengele of our day, We should always be sad when the unrepentant are lost.
LiberalPinheads: George Tiller the Baby Killer Aborted #tcot #HUMANRIGHTS #ABORTION
You get the picture. I also notice that some among the right-wing seem to be gunning for an insanity defense of some sort for Roeder.

And into Monday evening it continues - more lunacy on Twitter:
PaulArmstrongSr: Tiller the killer made millions killing 60 thousand babies and sellng body parts. Thank God Thank God he is dead.
iluvemmaj: george tiller did kill over 60,000 babies...thats a fact...duh...he was a baby killer and everyone needs to accept that.
Brad0418: #Tiller the baby killer killed over 60 thousand fetuses.. SIXTY THOUSAND!!!! making over 1mill a year #pro-life
LMack49: I have trouble feeling sorry for Mr. Tiller or his family. He made his living as a hit man killing the most innocent among us. #Tiller
Brad0418: When is #Tiller the coffin filler gonna be dropped in the ground. this is a good time for his family to pay the guy who killed him 5k. & OJ
JennyPennifer: #Tiller specialized in the murder of handicapped children. What a guy.
JennyPennifer: #Tiller admitted 2 murdering many children ONE DAY before mother's due date.
JennyPennifer: Live by the sword, die by the sword. Gingi nails it #Tiller
ZazzlePolitics: Tiller NEEDED killing!: The "democrats" are the only ones who'll mourn the death of George Tiller
Can you feel the love?

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