Friday, June 12, 2009

More change you can believe in

The Pope of Hope defends the awful DOMA.

There is also news that the White House is using some strong-arm tactics on freshman congresscritters to vote "yes"on a war funding bill that also includes giving a generous $100 billion line of credit to the IMF (a perpetrator of neoliberal shock "therapy" that has left countless people all over the world impoverished and displaced). We'll see if there are enough Dems to actually push back (I am not holding my breath).

Oh, and just so we are clear on who Obama really believes he works for, get ready for some nasty austerity budget policies in the near future. Not to worry, though - the banksters won't be the ones who starve, nor will war profiteers.

I still have yet to figure why so-called progressives are still so keen on this guy, or some of the other yokels that many of them were shilling for in the primaries last year.

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