Saturday, June 27, 2009

On Iran: Some blogs and articles worth noting

Scott Horton writes about torture in Iran (h/t Andrew Sullivan). Sullivan continues to compile the chatter on Twitter.

Neo-Resistance continues to share her perspective.

The Angry Arab News Service has an interesting essay on The Ahmadinajad Matter. One of the better reads, actually, with regards to Iran, and actually quite straight-forward: just because Ahmadinajad periodically tweaks US leaders' noses doesn't make him worthy of leftist support.

Richard at American Leftist writes about Ostriches.

Al Giordano lets us know that Chomsky and some others have weighed in on the side of the rights of the Iranian protesters, and that Russia's support of the current regime in Iran is a bit tepid.

Also, Richard Seymour (aka lenin), had a good one up a couple days ago.

I've got to hand it to the people in Iran who have put their lives on the line to protest a situation that they see as unjust. Hopefully, they - the protesters - prevail.

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