Monday, June 15, 2009

Sa Dingding- Tibetan Prayer ( Lama chenno)

Kai Chang has a brief summary of her work, under the title, The Neo-Classical Mysticism of Sa Dingding:
She grew up living the migratory nomadic life of the Mongolian plateau, with mixed Han-Mongolian ancestry, deeply influenced by the rhythms of nature and the iconography of Central Asian Buddhism. She learned Sanskrit and Tibetan in order to further her understanding of Buddhism, and developed her own singing "language" which she says relies only on the vibrations of syllables rather than syntactical meanings. She has been criticized in the West for "marketing" her culture and for not advocating on behalf of the "Free Tibet" anti-communist movement (which is roughly equivalent to a US singer being criticized in China for not supporting the secession of Texas). She designs her own costumes, which bring a bold fashion flair to traditional design elements. Her music combines a distinctly Central Asian folk singing style and an almost incantatory mystical quality with an exciting modern textural soundscape.
The video and the music are trippy, to say the least.

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