Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where this is all heading (unfortunately)

We've been bearing witness to an escalation in right-wing violence in recent months. I've had my share to say about it. Where does it all end? If I were to polish my crystal ball and see into the future (if only it were that easy), I'd make the following educated guess:

Eventually one of these wingnuts or perhaps a group will manage to do something really stupid, such as attempt or succeed to blow up a government building, or perhaps some some building in a major business district (on the rationale that everything in the business world transpires based on some "international Jewish conspiracy"), and the federal government will then react like it did after the 1995 federal building bombing in OKC (or for that matter the WTC and Pentagon bombings in 2001), by passing draconian legislation and signing executive orders that are ostensibly to "prevent" further terrorism, but which in fact are really a means to a more desired end - having more power at hand to repress dissident individuals and groups. In other words, life will suck more for pacifist Quaker groups and immigrant rights groups while white supremacists will somehow go back underground but otherwise emerge unscathed.

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