Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I hate to see good blogs go fallow

Ted Barlow's Syndrome has claimed quite a few blogs in recent months. Mike of Okiedoke offered his penultimate post last month; we await only his finale. Some fairly consistent liberal blogs went silent earlier this year: Nattering Nabob, 'Twas Him, Pressing the Flesh, and No Capital come to mind. Jon Swift, who no doubt would have had much to say about Birthers and all other manner of right-wing wisdom, stopped without warning this spring. One of my favorite lefties (the real deal, not the faux prog variety), Scary ShIt made an announced hiatus in the dead of winter. One blog's updates ended when its author passed away (The Fourth World's archives still remain for what I hope will be posterity). Even community blogs aren't immune to Ted Barlow's Syndrome: Never In Our Names seems to have vanished without a trace (Alexa, if you are reading this, you and that wonderful blog you helped to fire up are both very much missed).

Sometimes life just gets in the way (I know that feeling all too painfully well this summer). Hopefully a few of these folks resurface.

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