Saturday, July 11, 2009

Music and Haiku Interlude

Here's a remix of "Jung at Heart" by Peter Du Charme (under the name Master Cylinder). You might remember the tune from a Volkswagen commercial from about ten years ago:

The tune from the commercial inspired the following haiku (penned in January 1999):
standing on an industrial street
searching my soul for the
perfect beat
I tried to imagine a landscape that fit the tune, a scenario where I might be voluntarily isolated, and then strung together some words that would fit the beat. By the way, this is the basic methodology I use when constructing poems of about any length. Music and words are intertwined with whatever landscape (physical and social) I can imagine. Sometimes it all comes together spontaneously, such as with the haiku above. Other times, the writing sessions are spread out over days or weeks (in one case over a period of years).

Eventually I stumbled across a full-length version of "Jung at Heart" and more recently the remix that I linked to. "Jung at Heart" makes for some nice chill out music that holds up on its own in spite of its origins:
The song is called Jung at Heart and was composed by Peter Du Charme, otherwise known as Master Cylinder, specifically for this commercial. Apparently they made the visuals for the commercial first, and then ask Du Charme to create the music in time.
As the saying goes, now you have the rest of the story.

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