Thursday, July 30, 2009

A poet and she didn't even know it

I'll acknowledge upfront that I try not to pay much attention to Sarah Palin these days. Of course it was hard to miss the rather odd announcement that she would quit her post as governor of Alaska after serving barely over half a term (which probably is the best thing that could happen for Alaskans), and there were the occasional rumblings over the weekend and early this week that her farewell speech was, in a word, strange. Then I came across a video that has been circulating throughout blogtopia (h/t skippy for the link and the term blogtopia), in which William Shatner reads part of Palin's speech as one might read a poem:

Of course I keep thinking that surely this is some sort of joke, and that Conan O'Brien and William Shatner are taking some comedic and/or poetic license. Then I just decided I might as well read the danged speech, and sure enough there it is in black and white. Wow. Just wow. Maybe she should find an open mic night somewhere or try her hand at a poetry slam. But damn, she really needs to do some proofreading, and work on staying focused if she's going to keep trying to run for prez, or even if she's planning on hosting a radio talk show.

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