Saturday, July 18, 2009

Willful Ignorance: A Slight Return

The "birthers" are yet another group that engages in willful ignorance. The rational thing to do when confronted with a mountain of contrary evidence is to abandon a debunked belief. At this point even a cursory glance at such places as or should put the kibosh on the urban legend that Obama is not a US citizen (and since a similar rumor was spreading about McCain last year, the same sites will share evidence debunking that myth as well). The birthers have had their legal actions laughed out of court. There is no there there. Rational people at that point would accept that maybe they were wrong. These are not rational people. Regrettably, when confronted with a mountain of contrary evidence, birthers (in much the same vein as other religious or political cultists) take that as "proof" that they are right.

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