Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Commentary on the IG torture report

I want some time to digest the information made available before commenting more extensively. The impression I get is that much of what numerous dissident bloggers have contended about the use of torture by the CIA is confirmed by the recently released Helgerson document. Scott Horton and Glenn Greenwald both offer apt commentary (Greenwald also draws on such luminaries as Thomas Paine in his condemnation of torture). Brian Ross is on the trail of the dead and disappeared detainees apparently detailed in the redacted portions of the report. Drawing from all of these sources, I suspect that we will see more shocking revelations released in the near future, that high-level officials going up to at least Cheney were intimately involved in allowing torture to happen, and that the current Holder investigation is too narrow and likely to only end up sending lower-level CIA employees involved in torture to the big house while leaving the ones most responsible for the abuses relatively unscathed.

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