Saturday, August 8, 2009

grass roots, my ass

H/t Immoral Minority for the video.

Consider this a follow-up to what I've been trying to convey regarding the orchestrated efforts to prevent Congresspersons from actually conversing with their constituents. Thankfully there are still a few professional journalists left who still take their jobs seriously, and who are willing to do some digging beneath the surface, rather than act as mere stenographers. Thankfully, too, there are those willing to do some much-needed myth busting regarding claims made by various right-wing groups regarding health care. As I said before:
I would suggest doing a lot of fact checking before going off half-cocked. There are some lobbyists and think-tanks out there engaging in quite a bit of conspiracy-theory mongering in order to manipulate you and those who are supposedly representing you.
By the way, remember those infamous "Brooks Brothers Rioters" from the "Dockers Rebellion" that shouted down and shut down the Florida recount in 2000? Well, it turns out that at least a couple of them now work for one of the corporations that is funding a lot of the current effort to shout down and shut down any effort to even mildly reform our nation's health "care" system:

Fascinating. See also Rachel Maddow's interview with Frank Schaeffer:
After watching that, read Sara Robinson's most recent essay at Orcinus, since I think she helps to illuminate further some of what Schaeffer mentioned during his interview. Also, check out David Neiwert's recent piece regarding whether this is an effort to simply kill off the town hall as a democratic forum, which by the way, is as Neiwert says, "a classically fascist thing to do."

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