Monday, August 10, 2009

Musical Interlude: Antipop Consortium

My first encounter with this group was on an album in which the Antipop crew collaborated with free jazz maestro Matthew Shipp (Antipop Consortium vs. Matthew Shipp). After hearing the results of that union, I wanted to check out the rest of Antipop's catalogue. "Bubblz" is the second track off Arrhythmia. If you dig this tune, you'll probably find plenty to like on the rest of the album. They earn their rep as the Sun Ra of rap. Their sense of word play and instrumentation is on a whole other plane.

The crew broke up a few years ago, and Beans has since recorded a number of solo albums (look for the album, Only, which features bassist William Parker and drummer/percussionist Hamid Drake). More recently Antipop got back together, and they have a new album (Fluorescent Black) set to drop this October 13th.

Bonus video ("Ghostlawn", also from Arrhythmia):

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