Sunday, August 2, 2009

Musical Interlude:

"Red House" by Jimi Hendrix - h/t Bernard Chazelle at ATF, who really knows his shit when it comes to music. There are times I wish I could read music well enough to get into some of the theoretical nitty gritty that Chazelle does; as a music fan about all I can usually say is that a particular tune (or particular performance) sounds good or not so good to my ears. This one sounds good. I remember reading a while back that had Hendrix not died so young, he and Miles Davis would have hooked up for some wicked jams. I would have loved to have heard the resulting records (bootleg or official) that would have resulted from those recording sessions that sadly never came to pass. Although usually considered a rocker or bluesman, Hendrix was no stranger to jazz, and toward the end of his life had apparently been jamming with the likes of John McLaughlin (the cat who was behind the Mahavishnu Orchestra - its earlier incarnations being quite exciting - and who had himself performed with Miles Davis on his early forays into jazz fusion). Hendrix also appeared in an early rap recording led by a cat who called himself Lightnin' Rod (a stage name for sometimes-Last Poets member alal Mansur Nuriddin), which would be released posthumously in the early 1980s under the title Doriella du Fontaine (I wrote about that recording about four years ago). Some consider that recording, as well as a subsequent 1973 recording by Lightnin' Rod called Hustlers Convention, as precursors to the sub-genre known as gangsta rap.

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