Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Musical Interlude

I can never get enough Miles Davis:

The tune, "Hannibal", was from Amandla, released in 1989. That album was his second studio release for Warner Bros. His first was the 1986 album, Tutu, which I used to describe to folks as "Miles meets MIDI". The general consensus among my friends seems to be that Amandla was the better of the two. Miles sounded a bit more himself, probably facilitated by having an actual band with which to interact. As with Tutu, Marcus Miller composed the bulk of the tunes (Miles being content to simply lend his horn to the procedings). The results sound very smooth, polished, and ideal for cruising those semi-deserted city streets at 3 a.m. Actually, tunes such as "Hannibal" seem to have held up quite nicely over the last couple decades, and would easily fit in on any playlist dominated by acid jazz and nu jazz tunes. Any way, this particular version from the show "Night Music" (which I apparently managed to miss out on during its run), is enjoyable - these cats aren't going through the motions but instead are holding a conversation that you, the audience, get to listen in on. Enjoy!

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