Thursday, August 6, 2009

Squeaky Fromme to be paroled

Squeaky may not have been involved in the infamous Tate and Labianca murders committed by members of Charles Manson's "Family", but she certainly had some notoriety all her own. For a while, after Manson was apprehended and during his murder trial, Fromme was the defacto leader [1] of the Family. She would later attempt to assassinate Gerald Ford, which is why she ended up behind bars. On August 16th, she'll be released after serving 34 years in prison. Whether or not Fromme is still one of Manson's true believers is unknown.

As an aside, I was recently re-reading Bugliosi's book about the Manson case, Helter Skelter, and found his description of Manson as a sort of "right-wing hippie" quite apt, insofar as Manson adopted the hippie look and insofar as Manson's own political views were not that much different from others who are characterized as right-wing extremists: the dude was highly authoritarian, racist, and sexist. He had a strong admiration for Adolph Hitler (in Manson's view, Hitler had "leveled the Jews' karma"), and had a rather Hitlerian reading of Nietzsche's philosophical work.

And yes, the 40 year anniversaries of the Tate and Labianca murders are coming up in a matter of days. Sadly, there are still people who glorify Manson and the others who committed those murders.

[1] I use leader somewhat loosely, as her leadership role amounted to keeping the Family together, but was in principle still operating at the behest of Manson.

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