Thursday, August 6, 2009

This ain't grass roots redux

Consider this a follow up to This Ain't Grass Roots and Those Who Cannot Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It. If one wonders my skepticism regarding the extent to which those showing up to disrupt the August Congressional town-hall meetings are genuinely concerned constituents and who are merely plants shuttled in from elsewhere to create the illusion that constituents are satisfied with the status quo on health care, just watch the video and follow the links. I would suggest doing a lot of fact checking before going off half-cocked. There are some lobbyists and think-tanks out there engaging in quite a bit of conspiracy-theory mongering in order to manipulate you and those who are supposedly representing you.

Personally, I'm convinced that the system as it stands now is broken. Occasionally, I've discussed my own dealings with the health "care" system in the US. I'm also convinced that Obama's proposed solution (and similar solutions working their way through Congress) will not go nearly far enough, but represent only a very tentative first step towards a system that might one day actually work.

Update: via the post at TPM, one lobbyist group involved in disrupting town hall meetings is none other than Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project.

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