Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This ain't grass roots

field negro sez:
I was only going to post about Lark tonight until I read an article and saw a video of some of the artificial turf people interrupting another town hall meeting. This one wasn't about health care, but about a high speed rail thanks to the stimulus package. These clowns were all over Steny Hoyer (D-MD), ( I love that name)and kept shouting him down the entire time. What a bunch of losers. The leader of the pack was some guy named Don Jeror and he leads a group called the Fort Stanwix Patriots. (They can't be serious! They actually have different patriot groups? ) But poor Steny wasn't alone. Apparently Claire McCaskill got shouted down as well, and she joins a group of politicians who felt the wrath of the tea baggers, like Arlen Specter and Lloyd Doggett. One poor Senator who has been diagnosed with cancer was even told to "kill himself." If these people seem somewhat organized and well funded, it's because they are. There is nothing grass roots about these people. They are funded by health care lobbyist and wingnuts with deep pockets.

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