Monday, August 3, 2009

Three core Oklahoma values?

The following easily describe current US Senator Jim Inhofe (and I would also add Tom Coburn): intolerance, ignorance, and incompetence. Both Senators certainly represent a substantial subset of Oklahoma residents to the extent that many seem to enjoy wallowing in their willful ignorance every bit as much as the Senators themselves (simply spend a little time perusing BNN's Oklahoma feeds, and you'll get my drift in a hurry). Inhofe has distinguished himself as of late for his encouragement of the Birthers. He's also notorious for his fondness for the all-mighty Oil conglomerates and has well-represented their interests during his tenure. And of course there's that whole "family values" vibe of his that comes across as more than a little racist and sexist. I really don't consider Coburn any better (Coburn also appears to support the Birthers, for example).

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