Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wow, ABC actually does some real journalism

ABC's Kate Snow does some fact checking on one of the myths about health care: the false claim that the House bill will euthanize elderly (all that nonsense about "death panels" and such) (h/t Steve Benen).

I usually bag on the corporate media for good reason. This is one time when at least one outlet deserves some positive reinforcement. Hopefully, we'll see more such coverage this month. That said, my usual advice for those who might tune in to 20/20 - let whatever John Stossel says on health care (or really much anything else) go in one ear and out the other. He tends to like to perpetuation myths of his own - especially regarding the Canadian health care system - that can be readily debunked.

Oh, by the way, private insurers already deny payment on medical procedures (it's a real problem where people with legitimate medical needs are effectively denied necessary treatments that could save or extend their lives) - one might even refer to the bureaucracies in these corporations as "death panels".

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