Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Racism rears its ugly head

Or I should say, racism continues to rear its ugly head, whether directly or slightly less directly. I'm pretty attuned to dog whistles, given my own ethnic and cultural background, and see Neiwert's point:
The bigger question is: Why target African Americans when there are are hundreds of vendors at these things? And why assume that they have anything to do with ACORN?

Because, to the teabaggers, ACORN is synonymous with scary black people. The kind who, in the minds of Glenn Beck and his followers, are lurking, waiting to overthrow America when Obama orders them to. (Even if they later turn out to be a dance troupe.)

As Susie says, ACORN is just the new wingnutspeak code for the 'N' word. It's now become an epithet -- one you can chase black people around with and accuse them angrily. Just what America needs right now.
As far as the prior article, I'll add this: in my current community, I'm aware that my kids have been hearing all manner of racist and threatening remarks (not aimed at them, but rather at Obama and "socialists") in recent months. Now, let's keep in mind where this comes from - it's not from the kids themselves, but rather their parents and other adults in their lives, and it's usually the same folks who go around parading themselves as holier than thou "good Christians". I'm really not all that surprised that a bunch of white kids would go out and gang up on a lone black kid all the while spouting wingnut rhetoric. The example was set for them at home, possibly church, most definitely on the television and talk radio ravings that in all probability make up the background noise in their respective households. At a more distal level, there is the organizational and cultural racism that has permeated US culture for centuries.

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