Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome back Party of 1

David Cole's blog, Party of 1 is back. I thought it was a high quality blog back before Dr. Cole put it on hiatus, and it looks like it's every bit as good as it was previously. And it looks like he's asking questions that need to be asked, such as:
There’s a new administration in Washington — but the USA PATRIOT Act is still on the books, and some provisions are up for renewal. Gentle reader, will you be watching this as closely as you were before January 20, 2009?
Or as I am fond of asking, so where's the change? The Patriot Act should have been one of the first pieces of nefarious legislation to be rescinded the moment Obama took that oath of office. And yet, there it is, with nary a hint as to when we might see the Patriot Act swept into the dustbin of history. How about it Dems? We know that movement conservatives and their party, the GOP, fetishize raw power - which is what the Patriot Act was all about. So why the silence, Dems? What about the progressive activists? Just going to give the Pope of Hope and the party's Congressional leaders a free pass? Where's the change?

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