Friday, October 2, 2009

Best blog post title I've seen in a while

Adorno is an Idiot Egghead. The author takes on Adorno's writing on popular music versus "serious" music, and offers up some selections as a useful counterpoint. Regulars here know I'm no musician, nor am I a musical expert. I merely know what I like, even if I can't usually explain in any technical sense why it is that I like it. All that said, by all means take the time to listen to the selections by Alarm Will Sound (an ensemble that created some wonderful acoustic covers of Aphex Twin songs, including "blue calx") and contemporary jazz/jam band Medeski, Martin and Wood ("Bloody Oil"). I really haven't followed Bjork's career much since the early 1990s - I mainly remember her from her old band Sugarcubes, but know that from what little I've heard, she's still a creative voice to be reckoned with in the pop world. Anyhoo, check out the various selections - you might find something there that you never heard before, and I can guarantee that there is plenty of creative, interesting, and good-sounding pop music out there to be heard if you're just willing to open your mind and open your ears.


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