Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So did 2025 come a bit early? Redux

Check it:
A Socialist former guerrilla fighter known for speaking his mind emerged the clear winner of Sunday’s election for president of Uruguay but did not muster enough votes to avoid a November runoff, in what analysts said was a referendum on the current leftist government.

José Mujica, a Socialist senator who spent 14 years in prison after waging an urban guerilla war seeking to install a Marxist-style government here, was the candidate of the governing Broad Front coalition, whose tenure has improved economic conditions in Uruguay.


Under President Vázquez, the Broad Front coalition led Uruguay out of a deep economic funk earlier this decade. Broad Front was the first leftist movement in Uruguay to break the hold of a two-party system under which either the National or the Colorado party held power for more than 150 years.
Just some food for thought for those in the US who are convinced that we have "no choice" but to accept our two-party system.

One other thought - it wasn't all that long ago that someone like Mujica would have been "disappeared" and his skin would have wound up making some lovely lampshades to grace the White House decor. How times change.

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