Saturday, November 7, 2009

Silver is thinly plated around thick dark clouds

Alexander Cockburn sez:
Increasingly, young Americans are getting too fat to fight, which is just as well – because the antiwar movement is in terrible shape, probably because yesterday’s peace marchers are all too busy on weekends jogging, careening along on their bikes or going to yoga classes.
Alexander Cockburn gets a bit snarky for his own good, but there is little doubt that the state of the antiwar movement has been dire for some time. Still give some credit to yesterday's peace marchers - there are still a number of them who give a damn enough to act. As for obesity in the US - the phenomenon is getting more and more disturbing. Just looking around when I go to my kids' school events, I am struck by what was once an anomaly (the fat kid) has increasingly become the norm.

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