Friday, November 6, 2009

A warning

Sez Justin Raimondo:
There is no democracy in America. Our government is controlled by two "major" parties that have a monopoly on ballot status: try getting on the ballot as a "third party" – especially in New York state! It’s next to impossible. And if you should manage to get on the ballot, in spite of all the legal and logistical obstacles, then you faced the moneyed interests which have bought the Congress and the executive branch, and have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo – not only when it comes to foreign policy, but when it comes to anything and everything.

Our ruling elite is on a collision course with the citizenry. There is, at present, no way for disenfranchised voters to register their protest, and have their voices heard, and the pressure is building – slowly but surely – as Americans begin to ask where it will all end. We are headed for an era of unprecedented political and social turmoil, as the economy tanks and the wages of intervention are paid in the form of more "blowback" such as we experienced on 9/11. The America we know and love is rapidly sliding down into the abyss of national bankruptcy and international opprobrium – and our "leaders" are not only helpless to stop it, they are actively pushing us toward the edge.
There's a good deal of truth to these words, in more ways than Justin intended. One observation I can make right off the top of my head is that many of those who feel disenfranchised to one degree or another are vulnerable to the siren song of "leaders" who are more than happy to push them toward the edge for their own political gain. The corporate interests behind what has been called the Tea Party movement this past year is certainly one of those forces.

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