Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Great American Swindle...

was also a great big fuck-up. That much was apparent even before we had the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. What also didn't require the benefit of hindsight was that it wouldn't have mattered one iota who occupied the White House after Bu$hCo. We would have likely seen the continuation of the same sorry-assed bailout under a McCain/Palin regime as we got with the Pope of Hope. A lot of that can be explained by a combination of age and wealth. I have absolutely no confidence that anyone in power from the Baby Boom generation could change their ways. These folks have been drinking the same Kool-Aid for too long, as well as feeding from the same trough that the only "change" you were likely to ever see would have merely been a matter of packaging rather than substance. I'm not so confident with those in positions of power who are among the older Gen Xers would be all that much better - maybe young enough to learn a couple new tricks, but let's face it, if they got any of the same propaganda in their prep schools that I got growing up, they are so thoroughly propagandized that they still believe in neoliberal economics and hyperindividualism - both of which really need to be abandoned. I hope the next generation does better, with what is left to them.

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