Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When asked to choose between the scientists and the crackpots

I find it a safe bet to go along with the scientists. The decade now ending appears likely to be the warmest decade on record. This year will probably be the 5th warmest, with only the US and Canada bucking the trend. While we're at it, please note that two of the most prominent US newspapers have treated the tempest in a teapot called "climategate" considerably differently, with WaPo going for a "he said, she said" style of reporting, while NYT actually has the audacity to refer to flap as one between "decades of peer-review science" and "politically motivated opposition." That seems to sum it up. Now, of course what all this ends up meaning while the nations' leaders gather for a climate summit is anyone's guess. I'm not especially optimistic about what will emerge beyond a lot of talk and half measures.

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