Sunday, January 3, 2010

As the old saying goes, power corrupts

One thing that seems never to change - the culture of corruption. Dig the latest on the TSA nominee, Erroll Southers, who seems to have no problem with privacy invasion (perfect for an agency whose sole purpose is to invade privacy, I suppose), and former DHS czar Michael Chertoff, whose advocacy for full-body scanners in airports should come with a disclaimer (his consulting company has as a client a company that manufactures them). As for the former, it's a good thing his nomination has been blocked so far. Time for the Pope of Hope to find a less creepy nominee. As for Chertoff, old Skeletor has made a career out of exploiting fear, both in the public sector (during Bush II's reign or error), and now in the private sector. If he's advocating something, the wise thing to do is to listen carefully to what he says and then do the exact opposite of whatever he prescribes as a solution.

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