Saturday, January 9, 2010

Contra Giuliani

There was plenty of domestic terrorist activity during the Bush II regime. Rather than take Giuliani at his word, do some research. All one need do is look at a report last summer by the SPLC, which documented some 75 domestic terrorist attacks and threats since the Murrah Federal Building bombing in 1995. Of course there have been some since Obama was sworn in too. What do all these domestic terrorist attacks and threats have in common? They've been perpetrated by right-wing extremists who are avowed white supremacists and ostensibly "Christian" (I use the term very loosely). Thankfully in many cases the perps were caught before they could do any serious damage.

I just think this should be mentioned for those who get bent out of shape over brown-skinned individuals from distant lands. We have plenty of our own Taliban wannabes who are homegrown, who would be more than happy to establish their fantasy of a white "Christian" theocracy here by any means they deem necessary.

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