Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's a start

A flawed start, but a start - even if the top speeds don't quite live up to they hype. Talk of building high-speed rail lines got somewhat more serious a year ago as part of the economic stimulus bill. As I might have said at the time, and will repeat as often as needed, we need more of these sorts of projects. I may not quite be in the "oil has peaked and the future is bleak" camp, but the truth is that for a number of reasons getting away from oil dependence is imperative. Simply eliminating the "need" for flights between places like Los Angeles and Stockton would help reduce fossil fuel use and hopefully alleviate some of the global warming. If anything, I'd say get really bold and make connecting all of those far-flung places in the US with high-speed rail a top priority. The infrastructure of the 20th century is no longer sustainable.

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